About us

Who We Are

We are an open world buying and selling geek community, that is interested solely in geek goods, items and interests. A global marketplace, open to all of geekkind, where you can buy and sell the best from cosplay to collectibles, from vinyl toys to vinyl soundtracks. We put together sellers and buyers, with a common interest in pop culture, in this one place, free of interference from the outside world, so you only find what you are looking for. Make your wildest fantasies (or Sci-fi’s) come true, made by geeks for geeks.

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect buyers and sellers with a common interest, and create one space for all your pop culture needs. We aim to house all geek items under one roof and make it easier to find, helping you create and finish your toy collection or cosplay costume. We have felt the struggle of finding the right statue or the correct helmet, comparing competitive prices and having to sift through mountains of content on multiple websites, we will change all that and compile it on our one website. We want to make a world where you can be free to be geek.


If you’re looking for some shower gel, pottery, or cookie cutters because you’ve just moved in to a new place and need new stuff, then you’ve come to the wrong place, but if you’re looking for all that with your favourite superhero’s face on it or a popular cartoon character, then you are finally at home. We sell anything from brand new big name merchandise, and handcrafted hard work, to second-hand vintage geek goods that you can no longer find in the street stores. Search within the Vault and find what you’ve always wanted.

Become a Merchant

Become a Geek Vault Merchant and sell your geek goods online with us! A new marketplace feature where we will put you in contact with people who want to buy your pop culture products COMING SOON! We want to build a platform where you can reach a growing community of customers and expand your business.