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A Look at Pop Culture: Phil Tippett

BTS of Phil Tippet

The man behind the Monsters

In this new blog feature we look to shed some light on those who helped create such iconic characters, games and movies at the very heart of modern day pop culture.

Phil Tippett is not a household name but you will know his work. The Oscar-winning stop-motion animator and designer is responsible for many fantasy creatures and sci-fi set pieces in cinema history. From creating aliens that defined the diversity of Star Wars, to seamlessly merging practical animation and CGI in Jurassic Park. ‘My Life in Monsters’, a VICE documentary, chronicles Tippett’s legendary life work and is a must watch!



Tippett has now returned to his origins and is currently involved with his ongoing “Mad God” stop-motion animation series, currently funded through Kickstarter.

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D.VA Stars In New Overwatch Animated Short “Shooting Star”

Overwatch Animated Short

D.VA Stars In New Overwatch Animated Short “Shooting Star”

In the latest in a long line of excellent Overwatch¬†animated short films, D.VA protects the city of Busan from deadly Omnics. This short offers a glimpse into the origin of Overwatch’s youngest hero. E-Sport champion turned ace pilot, D.VA needs the help of her friends to succeed. Life isn’t all glitz and glamour for a superstar. Blizzard’s Overwatch team have knocked it out of the park once again in this beautifully animated short feature. Leaving us once again asking the question, when will we get an Overwatch animated feature film? Or TV series for that matter? We can only hope it’s their master plan. For now enjoy the short below.

New Map: Busan

With the splendid animated short, Overwatch also released the trailer for a new playable map, Busan. Featured in the Shooting Star D.VA short. Travel through this South Korean map with three distinct locations. Sanctuary the beautiful temple with stunning scenery. Downtown, a busy hub of city life, full of style and karaoke. Finally MEKA Base, featured heavily in the short, this is home to D.VA and her team. Coming soon to a console near you.

Honour and Glory

Finally just for your viewing pleasure we’ve added a couple more of our favourite Overwatch Animated Short films, because once you’ve watched one it’s hard not to keep watching more. Enjoy.


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