Quantum Mechanix Daredevil Q-Fig Diorama


Quantum Mechanix Daredevil Q-Fig Diorama

  • 4.25 inches (10.795cm)
  • From the Netflix series Daredevil
  • Featuring Daredevil as a stylized Q-Fig
  • Awesome diorama base
  • Window box packaging

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Quantum Mechanix Daredevil Q-Fig Diorama

Clutching a baton in each hand, Daredevil rebounds nimbly off a wall with agility and grace that belie his blindness. This superhero with preternaturally enhanced senses and martial arts expertise is off to take on the next villain in New York City, mano a mano.

By day, he’s Matt Murdock, an accomplished criminal trial lawyer. By night, he’s the ninja-like Daredevil as depicted in our action-packed Q-Fig diorama.


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