Legend Zelda Golden Triforce Logo Snapback


Legend of Zelda Golden Triforce Logo Snapback

  • It’s a Zelda Triforce snapback cap!
  • Green cap with golden embroidered Triforce
  • Adjustable strap and ventilation holes
  • Perfect for any Zelda fan!

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Legend of Zelda Golden Triforce Logo Snapback

The sun is the ultimate power source but, in Hyrule, it’s the Triforce. So, if you want the best chance at withstanding the power of the sun, is there any better way than with the power of this snapback? The quick answer… no, no there is not! Use this Zelda Golden Triforce snapback to flex on Ganondorf, or to look cooler than the peaks of Mount Hylia!

This snapback comes in a deep shade of Hylian green. On the front of the hat you’ll find a large Triforce logo embroidered in gold cotton that glimmers brighter than the fur of a Golden Lynel! On the back, you get the same logo, but smaller, to let everyone know you’re a Zelda fan even if your hats backwards.

This hat is made from a blend of acrylic and wool, making it ultra-comfortable. And, to ensure that you regulate your temperature better than Links tunic, it has tiny ventilation holes around its top. You can also easily adjust the size of this snapback, thanks to its adjustable strap.

Without the Triforce in Hyrule, the world will fall into an age of darkness… But without this Triforce cap you would be the victim of the suns ultraviolet rays! So, to make sure that all is well in the Sacred Realm and ours, get your Zelda Triforce snapback before the wicked of heart capture it!

  • Front has a large Triforce logo, back has a smaller one
  • Made from 70% acrylic and 30% wool
  • Adjustable strap
  • Ventilation holes


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