DC The Joker Clockwork Orange White T-Shirt


DC The Joker Clockwork Orange White T-Shirt

  • Grab a glass of milk or laughing gas, whatever you like this Tee is sure to make you smile.
  • A Clockwork Orange inspired Joker and Harley Quinn T-Shirt
  • Machine wash – Cold (30° max)
  • Regular Fit, Short Sleeve Cotton Tee
  • A perfect mashup of ultra violent motifs.


DC The Joker Clockwork Orange White T-Shirt

This Joker Clockwork Orange t-shirt takes inspiration from the iconic poster artwork for the Stanley Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange. The artwork shows places the clown prince of crime ‘The Joker’ in place of Alex DeLarge holding a gun. This tee is perhaps inspired by one of the more unique moments in all of Batman history; In 1988 with the Batman: A Death in the Family story.

Dick Grayson had moved on to become Nightwing, Batman had taken on a new boy wonder, Jason Todd. However fans didn’t necessarily like the way the green tights looked on Jason nearly as much Dick. And DC asked the question, should the Joker kill Jason Todd?

In one of the most iconic comic’s we see Jason Todd try to track down his long lost mother. The Joker then abducts them both, proceeding to beat Jason with a crowbar before abandoning them in a warehouse with a ticking time bomb. Jason attempts to shield his mother from the bomb, but he’s too late, and both perish in the explosion.

However this is a comic book, so of course he would return from the dead years later. But that doesn’t make the image of Joker swinging a crowbar any less Ultra Violent.

For any fan of the social satire, this Clockwork Orange Joker mashup t-shirt is a must have! Get yours while you can or else this will be gone faster than Harley and the Joker can escape from Arkham Asylum!

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