Harry Potter Birthday Candles


Harry Potter Birthday Candles

– Make your celebration truly magical!
– Set of 10 Birthday Candles.
– 2x Candles with Hufflepuff logo.
– 2x Candles with Ravenclaw logo.
– 2x Candles with green Slytherin logo.
– 2x Candles with Gryffindor logo.
– 2x Candles with Harry Potter’s round glasses.

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Harry Potter Birthday Candles set of 10

These candles are perfect for every Harry Potter themed Event and Festivity! 10 candles with 5 different designs for each and every Harry Potter fan. The set includes…

  • 2 x Candles with yellow and black stripes and Hufflepuff logo.
  • 2 x Candles with blue and grey stripes and Ravenclaw logo.
  • 2 x Candles with green and grey stripes and Slytherin logo.
  • 2 x Candles with red and yellow stripes and Gryffindor logo.
  • 2 x Candles with yellow and white stripes and the famous Harry Potter’s round glasses and yellow lightning bolt.

Make your birthday or celebration truly magical with these 10 Harry Potter candles! Perfect for any little witch or wizard, on any occasion. So show your house pride and put the candle to the cake and get ready to party.

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Dimensions 14.4 × 2.6 × 11.4 cm


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