D&D Twenty Sided Die Enamel Pin


D&D Twenty Sided Die Enamel Pin

  • To beat a monster you need the right tools to fight it!
  • Dungeons and Dragons Inspired enamel pin.
  • Durable, long lasting enamel pin.
  • Great for pinning on backpacks, jackets and much more!


D&D Twenty Sided Die Enamel Pin

It’s late at night, the party has been knocked unconscious,  you are the last player standing. The long awaited climax to your campaign bears down on you. The dark wizard casts spells in a violent frenzy, only a single blow can save the party from total annihilation…the die is down and there is a raucous cheer, a perfect critical roll…

Capture the magic of your D&D sessions with this beautifully crafted enamel pin. You’re sure to find yourself the centre of any party when you wear this pin!

Wether a fan of D&D or the hit Netflix nostalgia show Stranger Things; this an excellent addition to any outfit and pin collection.

Available in two colours: Gold & Silver

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Gold, Silver


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